Recruiting Elite Traders

Serve investors and get paid like a fund manager
1,000 USDT
Basic Trader Benefits
  • · Industry-highest profit share, up to 20%
  • · Up to 1,000 USDT monthly salary and 2% annualized management remuneration
  • · Join the world‘s largest copy trading community, reaching millions of global investors
  • · Serve 100+ regions globally and benefit from our global brand clout
  • · 24/7 smart audit, providing immediate result
  • · Complete new trader tasks and get recommended
  • · Millions of traffic, AMA, new traders recommendation, and Ryan Copy Trading Talk
  • · Exclusive Copy Trading Subsidy Vouchers to get more copiers easily
KOL Trader Benefits
  • · Customized activity plans to boost your copiers quickly
  • · KOL traders get prioritized in platform resources and support

* KOL traders can enjoy the basic benefits at the same time

Traders Say
Data as of 2022-12-13 (UTC+8)
  • +253.78%
  • 21282
  • 592,863.05
I think BingX is a great exchange platform with lots of convenience, like the auto-calculation for stop loss/take profit, easy-to-use interface, fast deposit and withdraw, and above all the copy trading feature. I think BingX is the only exchange platform in the whole crypto market that has this wonderful feature.
  • +49.02%
  • 1017
  • 75,342.06
I think BingX is growing a lot, each day I see they upgrade something. I'm sure if they continue with upgrading, it will be the best exchange, probably at the level of Binance or better. I am happy to be here. It's the unique exchange that I see working hard for users each day, with events, community.
A. Elder
  • +32.07%
  • 3193
  • 96,365.16
Really, you guys are doing great. BingX has a simple-to-use interface and is the most intuitive platform that I have ever used. It has the lowest transaction fees, with no lag when there are big swings. The support team is full of enthusiasm and quick to reply in an effective manner, especially Ryan.
jack sue
  • +10.35%
  • 318
  • 13,306.92
Awesome. I use quantitative trading and find that BingX is the quickest platform that I've ever used in terms of futures trading and order placement. Its agile response to my TradingView strategies can help eliminate errors.
  • What are the requirements for applying to be a BingX Copy Trading trader?
    If your account meets the following requirements, you can obtain the trader status immediately. If you're a KOL trader, you can submit your application via the KOL channel.
    · Account Assets ≥ 110 USDT
    · 30D Win Ratio ≥ 40%
    · 30D Trading Frequency ≥ 3
  • What Copy Trading methods does BingX support?
    We currently support BingX Perpetual Futures Copy Trading, BingX Standard Futures Copy Trading, and Binance Futures Copy Trading.
  • How and when are the copy trading profit share settled?
    For Copy by “Per Order”, the profit share will be settled the next day; for Copy by "Position Ratio", the profit share will be settled on the next Monday. Click the announcement for more details: /en/support/articles/12367915528601
  • How to obtain platform resources to boost exposure?
    You can gain greater exposure by completing new trader tasks to get the new trader recommendation, participating in the AMA and other activities organized by the platform, and sharing your insights to your subscribers regularly. Of course, the best way is to create profits and make it to the trader lists (Trending Traders, Conservative Traders…)
  • What are the ranking rules of the trader lists?
    A trader's ranking is closely correlated to the trader's profits, risk rating, and other factors. For details, please click the icon on the upper right corner of any trader list to view the corresponding ranking requirements.
  • Are there any tips for new traders?
    New traders need to work on their profits to win the recognition of investors. It's also important to complete new trader tasks and make full use of BingX Insight and social media.