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Over 750+ coins available. Buy and sell quickly with automatic calculation of average cost and PnL.

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Supports long/short positions with leverage and profit of up to 125x from market volatilities.

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Grid Trading

Create your personal trading strategy and profit 24/7 with spot grid and futures grid trading.

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Secure Your Assets.

  • Compliance Matrix

    A global digital services financial institution with branch offices in Canada, the EU, and Australia
    Regulated business and services in countries where it operates
  • 2FA Authentication

    Robust identity verification, compliance and Know Your Customer (KYC) with Sumsub as a partner
    Auto-detection of cybercrime-related risks with advanced AI technology
  • Transparency

    100% Proof-of-Reserves with top cybersecurity organizations as partners
    Security audit approved by the leading security-focused ranking platform CertiK

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